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PlayFund Finance - play now, pay later! Our playground finance plan brings play area improvements within budget for everyone.

Struggling to find the funds for playground improvements?
A problem all to common in schools: playground upgrades are required, but budgets say otherwise...
Enter Playcubed with PlayFund Finance - your school can now have a play area installed now and pay it off in small installments with your bespoke finance scheme.

PlayFund Finance - Play now, pay later!

PlayFund Finance is a payment scheme designed to be simple, quick and easy. It enables your school to achieve its vision and strategy for external sports and outdoor play without any upfront capital costs necessary. 

Making one large outlay for a playground project can cause financial complications for a school. Our finance scheme enables your school to spread payments for your new play area over a set period of time, typically several years. Therefore

Picture it as using a similar process to how you might lease a school minibus.

What are the benefits?

There are a number. Firstly, your school will get full use of a new playground facility immediately. 

These fixed payments are and allow for clear and predictable budgeting.

How can we do it?

We have partnered with an established finance company. They pay us the full project value on completion, and then your school will pay the finance company directly with your previously agreed payment schedule.

For example, you may be looking to do a £25,000.00 playground project. Taking the 7 year repayment option, the school could make £750.00 payments for the following 64 months.

Are schools allowed to enter into this sort of agreement?

Yes absolutely. An Operating Lease is the only form of lease that schools are allowed to enter into. If you have specific questions regarding this please get in touch.

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