Gallions Primary School

Playground Design and Installation at Gallions Primary School

Playcubed enjoyed working with Gallions Primary School to create this fantastic play facility. With a Fire Station theme running through the area, the play space is bursting with opportunities for the children to enjoy. Artificial Grass surfacing and a blue Rubber Mulch 'river' allows the area to be used all year round. The amphitheatre provides seating for a number of students, who can gather to watch the performances on the role play stage. Students can take advantage of the various play panels positioned throughout the area, or speak with each other via the talking tubes. A large nature area accessed by a bridge completes the area.
School: Gallions Primary School.

Location: Beckton, London.

Project: Design and installation of an open activity area with seating and role play facility and a nature garden.

Guide Budget: £55,000 to £65,000.

Install Duration: 4 weeks.

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