Get creative with a musical playground

From start to finish they provided the full package. Great concepts and ideas, an easy and enjoyable design process, top quality products and solid, free installation" Headteacher

Musical Play

Children love the real hands-on experience of learning rhythmn and sound. It enables them to express their feelings and communicate with one another. 

These activities encourage children to express their musical skills, and develop co-ordination as they practice beats and keep rhythm with each other. Our Music Play items are often grouped together to form an interactive and inspiring music zone, but can easily be added to an existing play area as a creative extra.
Musical Play

Children of all abilities and ages can join in together with outdoor musical activities. A wide range of traditional musical play instruments such as xylophones, bongos and chimes can be augmented by rain wheels, tongue drums and bell trees.

Think back to one of the first ways you used music to memorise information...most likely the ABC Song. Using a simple tune, you were able to remember 26 different letters in order! Other examples of musical mnemonics include learning the days of the week, a telephone number, or the states and capitals through song melodies or chants.

There are no rules for musical improvisation, the focus is on creativity and expression, and there are no instruments as easy to learn as ours, yet they’re capable of making some very complex and beautiful music.

Interactive Music Panels

Our range of interactive musical panels include touch-sensitive activation switches with no moving parts, a waterproof speaker and easy-to-change long-life batteries. 
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