Encourage imagination with a themed playground 

 "Their creative design and exceptional team of workers helped us to achieve a space which has equal value to indoor learning areas" Head Teacher

Themed Play

Imagination is let loose and excitement is created when children play in these uniquely themed environments.
Theme Play, Play Ship, Playground
Developing through play.

Play allows children to develop important academic, cognitive, social and emotional skills. All these are need for healthy development, and are vital life-skills.

Environments that nurture and enhance creative and dramatic play are needed to enrich the variety and complexity of playground areas. 

Bespoke themed areas are carefully designed to give unique character to each play space, whilst stimulating and promoting social, intellectual, and oral skills. As a result, children can interact with their peers and their environment, and have great fun at the same time! This will have a lasting effect on their development.

Theme Play, Playground
Theme Play, Play ship, Playground
What makes a good theme play area?

Themed play areas should be fun and interesting, but also provide important opportunities for children to learn and foster new skills. By taking a real-life concepts and skilfully working them into play area designs, fantastic results can be achieved.

A good theme play area will provide exciting learning opportunities that build a child’s self-confidence and let their creativity flourish. Children will be eager to explore and interact with their world whilst socialising and collaborating with their peers.

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Theme Play, Safety Surface, Wetpour, Playground
Theme Play, Sensory Play, Playground

Bespoke theme play design.

Every Theme Play area is unique. We realise there are reasons behind why you want to include and promote certain features, and understand the learning potential that can be released with a well-designed themed area. 

That is why every themed area we design is absolutely bespoke, and created around the factors and objectives you share with us.

It's worth considering...
Theme Play, Playground Surfacing

Surface textures and colours are essential to bring your themed area to life. When chosen and designed right, they will have a massive impact on how your area feels. More
Theme Play, Sensory Play, Nature Play
Sensory Planting

Many themes lend themselves to a particular style of planting. Including these plants adds a further dimension to your themed area for both imagination and learning.
Theme Play, Role Play, Playground
Role Play

Themed areas and Role Play areas share much in common, both creating areas which encourage the use of imagination. Be sure to view our Role Play page. More
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