Create a colourful playground design with wet pour surfacing 

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Wet Pour surfacing

This porous safety surface absorbs the shock and impact of a fall, therefore minimising the risk of injury. The wide range of colours offers fantastic opportunities for creativity with the application of different shapes and design themes.
Wet pour, rubber surfacing, playground

What is Wet Pour?

A 'wet pour' surface is a blended mix of rubber granules bound together, having been mixed on site and laid on an existing suitable, or specially prepared base to provide a continuous surfacing solution.

Wet Pour is made up of two layers - a base layer of SBR rubber and a top layer of EPDM rubber. 

The environmentally friendly base layer consists of recycled rubber and polyurethane binder, forming a tough and durable base.

The top layer is formed from virgin EPDM, which consists of fine grade rubber granules and polyurethane binder. This creates a smooth and seamless play surface. 

Because wet pour is porous, it provides the perfect all weather safety surface. 

Create shapes and themes

Wet pour is available in a wide range of colours, giving endless opportunity to personalise your surface with bespoke designs. Colours can also be mixed together to create different blends.
Wetpour, rubber surfacing, playground
Safety Surfacing

Installed to varying depths to meet the Critical Fall Height (CFH) criteria and BS EN 1177 requirements. Wet pour surfacing is one of the most popular surfacing solutions for play areas.
Wetpour, rubber surfacing, playground
Wet Pour overlay

Wet pour can be overlaid onto existing hard surfaces, enabling you to meet safety standards and brighten up an area more cost effectively.

MUGAs and Sports Pitches

Looking for a Wet Pour sports pitch or MUGA surfacing? Visit our Sports section for more information. 
Wetpour, rubber surfacing, playground
New installation

Wet Pour surfacing can be installed onto a variety of sub bases. Generally a new installation involves laying the SBR base layer and EPDM surface layer onto a well compacted stone sub base or open-grade porous macadam.
Wetpour, rubber surfacing, playground

Overlay installation

Where the existing sub base is suitable, an adhesive primer is installed to create a bond between the new and existing surfaces prior to wet pour installation.

By Jon Alexander 18 Apr, 2017

The Academies Show is the leading free-to-attend event for schools and academies. Bringing together education professionals, key decision makers and high quality service providers, the show offers unrivalled networking opportunities and the tools to better understand the latest education policies. The event includes conferences and hands-on theaters, as well as many key note speakers .

The Playcubed team are looking forward to meeting you and discussing your playground ideas at stand 546.

When: Wednesday 26th April 2017, 09:00 - 16:30
Where: Excel London. ( View on maps )
Tickets: FREE, must be pre-booked online. Tickets can be booked here .
Event website:  www.academiesshow.london/

Venue and travel information can be found here .
By Jon Alexander 08 Feb, 2017

Play England's release,  Charter for Children’s Play,   describes play as: ‘what children and young people do when they follow their own ideas and interests, in their own way, and for their own reasons.’ Play should be freely chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated. That is, children and young people should be able to determine and control their play by following their own instincts, ideas and interests.

Play has also frequently been described as ‘what children and young people do when they are not being told what to do by adults’ . Many adults think that play is unnecessary; however play is a vital part of childhood and is necessary for every child’s healthy development. Through play children are able to develop the skills and abilities they will require as they grow older . Play is a biological, psychological and social necessity that is fundamental to the healthy growth, development and well-being of individuals and communities. 

It can take many forms; how a child plays is unique to him or her. For some, playing can be doing nothing in particular, it can mean doing lots, being boisterous, showing off, being contemplative, overcoming difficulties...etc. Through play children explore the world and learn to take responsibility for their own choices . Play can be sociable or solitary, play can help children to climb, swing, gallop and chase. It can help them to try new things out, push boundaries , develop confidence, explore and experiment the world around them. You can read more on the benefits of play here .

Having time and space to play gives children the opportunity to meet and socialise with their friends, keeps them physically active, and gives the freedom to choose what they want to do. Play supports children to move through each stage of their development naturally, allowing them to make friends, come to terms with difficulties, follow their instincts, think and learn from others. When children are asked about what they think is important in their lives, 'playing' and 'friends' is usually at the top of the list!

By Jon Alexander 06 Feb, 2017

Here we explore the top reasons why Artificial Grass has become so popular in schools:

Maxmise the use of your space

Artificial Grass fully utilises the space your school has by making it available for all-year-round use. Often schools have areas of natural turf which, whilst great in the warmer months, cannot be used during the winter. Such areas are prone to becoming boggy in the wet, and normally take such high footfall that they are more akin to mud patches than grass areas! This is where artificial grass comes into its own – it is ready for action all-year-round and stays looking it’s best even after years of heavy use! By choosing Artificial Grass you are maximising the use you can get out of your outdoor areas.

Minimal Maintenance

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, and even then a simple regular brush over is virtually all it needs. No more weeding, mowing or watering. You can read more on this in our Artificial Grass Easy 5 Step Maintenance Guide .

At last, Clean Uniforms!

The parents will thank you! Investing in artificial grass spells the end of muddy, grass-stained uniforms and footprints in the corridor!

It Blends in with the Natural Surroundings

A further benefit of Artificial Grass is that it’s unobtrusive to the eye. Like natural turf in appearance and colour, artificial grass blends in with natural surroundings without looking ugly or drawing attention to itself (that said, there are plenty of coloured options if you're after something ‘louder’).  In fact it’s becoming more and more popular as a domestic garden surface due to its pristine appearance.

Add some Style!

If you have a larger area, artificial grass is a great way to add some style to your playground! It can be mixed with other artificial surfaces , cut into shapes or patterns or used with contrasting colours with amazing results. Take a look at the surfacing in these projects at The Rise School and  Plumcroft Primary School .

Save Long Term

Artificial Grass enables you to save on maintenance and labour costs.

Soften the Blows

Although not a safety surface in it's own right (more on that below), Artificial Grass does have impact absorbing qualities, helping to cushion falls and making it a safe option over other playground surfaces.

Keep it safe

When installed with our optional UltraMat, artificial grass is a compliant safety surface. This means it can be used beneath playground equipment to meet safety regulations and satisfy fall height criteria.

If you considering having Artificial Grass installed at your school please contact us on 01322 279799 , send us an email or fill out an online enquiry here .

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