6 ways to make the most out of your MUGA

A Multi-Use Games Area, commonly known as a MUGA, is a large investment and schools want to be sure they are maximising its value. Here are six ways to ensure you make the most out of your investment.

The obvious and most important advantage of a MUGA is the provision of a purpose-built sports facility for your school – exclusively yours to use for PE and playtime! This is an enormous enhancement to any school and brings many benefits to pupils. As good enough a reason that is alone, there are several other beneficial ways you can make use of a MUGA too!

MUGA Activity Boards

Firstly, opting for activity boards to secure on the surrounding fence panels is an excellent (and cost-effective) means of extending the play value of a MUGA. Target boards, cricket wickets and a host of other activities enables extended use of the MUGA beyond just playing sport.

Play More Games at Once?

Often MUGA pitches are installed with linage for smaller longitudinal pitches over running the large main pitch. This allows several games to be played at once – each with their own markings. If your MUGA really is a good size, then dividing the pitch up into smaller ones using purpose-built nets is a great way of ensuring numerous games can take place – simultaneously – without disturbing each other.

After School Sports Clubs

A MUGA pitch also enables your school to advance the afterschool club opportunities on offer. This is also an additional revenue income for the school.

A MUGA can be used for football, rugby, hockey, basketball, netball or tennis, and can even be used as a running track. A comprehensive range of afterschool activities often portrays a school in a beneficial light to students, parents and officials (Remember, a MUGA is also an eye-catching, impressive sight for potential students and parents as they visit your school).

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Evening & Weekend MUGA Hire

Another way of getting more for your MUGA is by hiring it out for use in the evenings and weekends. This is a great local community return and is often popular among the immediate neighbourhood. It also provides an additional revenue income for your school, and by doing no more than making use of facilities you already have in place!

Noise to surrounding neighbours is minimal if sports rebound fencing is used – the extremely strong, purpose-built fence system minimises vibration when hit by the ball, therefore keeping noise down.

Getting Competitive

There is also the opportunity of inter-school sport competitions with surrounding schools – a fun way of creating team spirit and seeing the patriotic side of your students (and staff) as they sweat for the school’s honour!

Schools Promoting an Active Lifestyle

Aside from these benefits, these activities show your school embracing and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle for your students. Sowing these seeds early in a child’s life is important in them growing into healthy, active adults.

As you can see, there are many ways your school can ensure it gets maximum benefit from a MUGA. Get in touch now for a free consultation and 3D design by calling on 01322 279799, sending us an email or making an online enquiry.

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