With an increasing percentage of children spending time behind a screen, the importance of nature play areas has never been greater. Today’s children often have limited contact with the natural environment, which can affect their development and creativity. Our nature play areas can help children learn with nature and explore the world around them in a safe environment.

There is so much to learn from nature! A nature play area in schools or day care can unlock a wealth of knowledge and allow children to explore wildlife. They can learn how to grow plants, discover wildlife habitats, as well as many other valuable lessons about the outdoors.

Here at Playcubed, we design and build bespoke nature play areas for schools, day care centres and commercial clients all around the country. Contact our team today to discuss your ideas and help you turn your designs into reality.

“On behalf of everyone at Gallions, and most especially all 180 delighted children in Years 1 and 2, I am writing to thank everyone at Playcubed. The team have worked wonders, transforming a derelict heap of rubble into a magical space that really sparks children’s imaginations and encourages them to test their physical and, mental muscles every playtime.”

Harriet Goodman
Chair of Governors at Gallions Primary School

Nature Themed Playgrounds

Learning to appreciate the wonder and power of nature is the core of nature themed playgrounds.

We recognise that children need to be outside each day and with that in mind, a natural play area benefits children’s development.

Children learn best when engaging all their senses. With planting, children can touch and feel the dirt, seeds and flowers which allows them to see the vibrant colours and varied sizes of plants as well as smell the amazing scents of the flowers.

Planting areas in a nature themed playground can teach children to take care of their natural environment whilst they tend and nurture seeds, tiny plants and established shrubs.

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Mud Kitchens

Mud kitchens are recognised as a key cross-curricular resource for younger children. This is in order to achieve many learning objectives from the EYFS curriculum.

Children love to make a mess in the kitchen, so our mud kitchens enable them to do just that! Great for the imagination and a perfect activity for a nature area. Firstly they can explore the characteristics of natural materials and have fun at the same time. Then mixing soil, water and other natural materials together creates endless possibilities for developing collaboration. In fact, it also helps with communication skills, language development, imaginative, social and physical skills.

Bespoke School Natural Playgrounds

Good design is about creating areas that provide inspirational places that function well, not only now but also in the future. All our Nature Play areas are bespoke designs. Above all, our specialist advisors and designers approach each project with a passion to create attractive Nature Play areas which blend with their surroundings.

Some of our Nature Play Area projects

See just some of our playground projects that have incorporated nature play in their design.

Some of our natural playgrounds clients

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