Climbing frames in schools can help children develop physical strength alongside promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. They improve dexterity, skills like grip and grasp, boosting climbing confidence while encouraging problem-solving as well.

Our range of climbing frames for schools feature diverse designs that can be put together to create a bespoke play area that is engaging, entertaining and educational. Here at Playcubed we can take care of your complete project from the initial design all the way to installation and ongoing maintenance. We use the latest in 3D design technology to create climbing frames for schools that meet the clients’ brief to a tee.

Let us help you create an environment where children can stay active and develop their mobility skills through play.

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“Playcubed were a pleasure to deal with. From the initial design stages through to the project delivery, their knowledge and expertise made the whole experience enjoyable and stress free. I highly recommend them to any school, and I will certainly be working with them again in the future.”

Karim Malik
Director at Playdays Nursery

Activity Frames

All of our activity frames are manufactured to the highest industry standards to ensure that children can play safely and there are minimal extra costs for you in terms of servicing and maintenance. We promise our clients excellent quality products that are made from pressure-treated, FSC grade timber and compliant with all of the relevant safety standards.

Pressure Treated:

All the timbers we use are pressure treated to the highest market (market?) standard to ensure our products will have a greatly extended and low maintenance service life. When added to the timber the preservative elements bond with the wood structure to provide long term protection against fungal and insect attack. For this reason we proudly offer a 15-year guarantee on our play frames.

FSC Grade:

We strictly source play timber that is FSC grade. FSC helps take care of forests and even more so, the people and wildlife who call them home. They are recognised by WWF as the “hallmark of responsible forest management”.


All our products and play areas are designed to conform to European Safety Standards BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177.

So you can be assured of our commitment to ensuring complete play safety.

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Some of our Climbing Frame projects

See just some of our playground projects that have activity frames coupled with learning in their design.

Some of our clients

Waverley School
Star Primary School
Playdays Nursery
Gallions Primary School

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