Children learn best and retain the most knowledge when a range of senses are engaged. A sensory playground can enhance learning through hands-on activities. In addition, it also helps children explore the world in a safe and controlled manner.

Creatively designed sensory playgrounds remain full with activities to stimulate each of the five senses. As a result it allows children to experience different elements of the world of nature for themselves.

At Playcubed, we specialise in something we call ‘Sensory Design’. This involves the deliberate incorporation of shapes, colours, textures as well as other stimuli into a play environment. In turn that encourages children to explore, discover and interact with others.

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“Playcubed have completely transformed our Primary Play Area into a safe and stimulating play environment where all our children can explore, socialise and gain sensory inspiration. Playcubed worked collaboratively with us to ensure creativity of our space and natural environment, and have provided the children with holistic opportunities to learn and gain enjoyment”

Becky Clowes
Bedelsford School

Outdoor Sensory Playgrounds

Our outdoor sensory playgrounds use aromatic plants as a way to ensure that sight, smell, touch and hearing, as well as taste are stimulated. This practice, known as sensory planting, also creates a tranquil and green retreat. Additionally, it broadens children’s imagination while improving their geographical knowledge. In fact, outdoor sensory playgrounds can even provide habitats for small wildlife as well.

Sensory planting can also be used very effectively for soft zoning between different play areas in sensory playgrounds.

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Bespoke sensory design

We are careful to provide for all five senses in each of our sensory designs. With this in mind we include a mixture of textures and colours. In the same way, activity points are strategically placed throughout the area. This results in a colourful learning zone, providing the perfect environment for discovering and exploring.

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Sensory panels

Our highly detailed, hand-carved sensory panels bring scenes to life. Additionally they’re filled with a variety of different textures, patterns and colours. This adds a new dimension to any sensory or nature area.

They’re also true works of art in their own right!

Sensory surfacing

A mixture of surface textures is essential to every sensory area. They provide excellent opportunities for creativity with shapes and colours, carrying massive visual impact.

Varied surfaces can help the development of gross motor skills and balance.

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What does SEN stand for?

The term SEN stands for special educational needs. This covers a wide spectrum of needs including behavioural, emotional or social difficulties, hearing and visual impairment, multi-sensory impairment, autism and physical disabilities. When designing a playground or play area, it’s essential to consider children with different special educational needs to ensure all the equipment is accessible and all children get the quality playtime they need.

What is an SEN playground?

A SEN playground includes specially designed playground equipment that is accessible to children of all abilities. Including SEN play equipment in your playground design will have a great impact on children with special educational needs at your school or nursery as it will provide them with the freedom to explore and learn during play time.

How do you accommodate special needs children on the playground?

Accommodating your playground to children with different educational needs can be done in many different ways. Installing inclusive play equipment , creating sensory play areas or encouraging children to engage in themed play and roleplay. Play time is essential for children’s development and wellbeing as it provides a fantastic way to learn and socialise while having fun.

When is the best time of year to have equipment installed?

If you’re looking to invest in a new playground, the best time to have new playground equipment installed is late autumn. Between October to December your school playground won’t be used as often as in spring and summer, which presents the perfect opportunity for installation of new equipment and maintenance work without interrupting play time.

Some of our Sensory Play projects

See just some of our playground projects that have successfully incorporated sensory play in their design.

Some of our clients


Greenvale School
Aragon Primary School
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Plumcroft Primary School, Bespoke School Playground Customer of Playcubed

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