Our Corporate Responsibility

Playcubed commits to continually improving how we work with our staff, our clients and our subcontractors.

We are approachable, proactive and ethical. Continually we think about the impact we have on the environment, people and the communities where we work. Here are three ways we are making a difference.

Community involvement playground services

Playcubed’s designs for projects aim to improve everyday life for years to come. Our playground services create outdoor spaces that enhance children’s play environment and encourage active lifestyles as well as learning through play.

Through our sport, play and recreational spaces, we help promote an active and healthy lifestyle for community members. Once there are a plan for developments, we communicate with the wider community via social media and newsletters, sharing key messages so people remain informed.

By talking to people who live and work in communities, we develop better targeted projects that address needs and minimise disruption. And at all times, our employees remain open, personable and ready to help answer any questions.

Plus, we donate to local charities and support our employees in their charitable endeavours.

People development and training

We believe in the value of building skills, providing quality employment and ongoing training opportunities.

Training is integral to the development of our business and we factor it in from the start of every project. We allocate funds for staff development, ensure that every employee stays up to date with best practises, and we hold regular performance appraisals.

Our workforce is overwhelmingly made up of local community members, who appreciate having a direct involvement in the creation of projects that improve their local area.

Ultimately, we thrive on seeing local people gain confidence and self-worth, building valuable skills and maintaining fulfilling long-term careers.

Playground Services Supply chain

Our supply chain is diverse and includes architects and consultants, subcontractors and material suppliers. What they share is a commitment to achieving the highest standard on every project and it is why we have built close working partnerships over many years.

When we add to our supply chain, we assess companies using a combination of references, performance reviews and grading systems. Wherever possible, we choose local businesses and subcontractors that will aid our playground services.

Playcubed seeks out companies who, like us, commit to growth in the local economy but also understand how to reduce the environmental impact of developments.