Rubber mulch for playgrounds is a safe surfacing with a natural appearance that creates a low cost solution for play areas and paths. Our rubber mulch for playgrounds is made from recycled materials which makes it perfect to use around nature play areas as well as themed playgrounds or climbing frames and trails.

Along with a natural look, rubber mulch is soft and absorbs impact from falls quite effectively making it a safe choice for play areas where children may trip and fall while playing. Available in may various shades, our rubber mulch for playgrounds can be used to create beautiful bespoke designs.

Here at Playcubed, we specialise in rubber mulch for playgrounds, schools and recreational areas in commercial spaces.

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“On behalf of everyone at Gallions, and most especially all 180 delighted children in Years 1 and 2, I am writing to thank everyone at Playcubed. The team have worked wonders, transforming a derelict heap of rubble into a magical space that really sparks children’s imaginations and encourages them to test their physical and, mental muscles every playtime.”

Harriet Goodman
Chair of Governors at Gallions Primary School

Rubber Mulch for Schools

Here at Playcubed, you can find rubber mulch for schools that meets the Critical Flight Heights requirements whilst also retaining a natural look that blends in with most environments. Meeting the CFH requirements and following the guidelines is crucial if you want to ensure the highest level of health and safety.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we supply the highest quality rubber mulch for schools, nurseries and outdoor recreational areas all around the UK. Our experienced team can calculate the depth of rubber mulch you need depending on the base you are laying it over to make sure that your play area is completely safe.

You can rely on us to take care of your playground surfacing project all the way through – from initial planning to installation and if needed on-going maintenance. For more information about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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What is Rubber Mulch?

Rubber Mulch is a safety surface made up of recycled shredded rubber chippings. In addition to this it’s combined with a high performance polyurethane resin binder.

Its appearance is very much like traditional wood mulch, but it has the advantage of being bound together. As a result this avoids material spreading to surrounding areas, making it a popular option in schools.

  • Rubber mulch moulds to shapes and contours. In fact we can even theme it into shapes and patterns.
  • Rubber mulch offers the natural look without the maintenance demands of wood mulch.
  • Ecologically sensitive, formed from 100% recycled rubber, helping to reduce landfill and C0² emissions.
  • Rubber mulch has excellent drainage properties, making it suitable for all-year-round use.
  • Conforms to British and European safety regulations.

Wood Mulch typically starts to rot after a couple of seasons, whereas Rubber Mulch is virtually indestructible, and won’t wash or blow away.

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Create shapes and themes

Rubber Mulch is available in a wide range of colours, giving endless opportunity to personalise your surface with bespoke designs. We can also mix colours to create different shades.

Safety Surfacing

Installed to varying depths to meet Critical Fall Height (CFH) criteria of any play equipment and BS EN 1177 requirements, all in all rubber mulch offers a great all-weather safety surface.

Impact Absorption

Rubber mulch is a shock absorbing surface, cushioning the impact of trips and falls. We install it at specified depths to suit any play equipment in the area. And most important to mentioned, it meets all British and European Standards.

rubber mulch, Playcubed, anti-slip playground surface, natural looking safety surfacing, safety surfacing Kent, safety surfacing South East, safety surfacing London


The beauty of Rubber Mulch is that we can lay it over almost any existing surface, often making it a very cost-effective option.  This cross section shows an overview of a typical installation – if Rubber Mulch is being laid over an existing surface the first two points will not apply.

  • Area excavated to an appropriate depth.
  • Base is then levelled and compacted to an appropriate depth allowing for CFH criteria.
  • Geo-textile membrane installed over the area for ground stabilisation and weed suppression.
  • Rubber Mulch laid over the membrane to a specified depth up to any edging or chamfered into surrounding surfaces.
  • The Rubber Mulch is then left for a minimum of six hours to allow the binder to harden. Your surface will be ready for use the following day.

Specifications and installation detail may vary from above in some circumstances. Our Playground Advisors will discuss the best methods during their site visit.

Some of our clients

See just some of our playground projects that have specifically incorporated rubber mulch in their design.

Gallions Primary School
Alderwood Primary School
Avenue Primary School JPG
Cliffe Woods Primary School

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