5 ways to Improve your School Playground

Improve your school playground with these top tips to give your pupils the enjoyable and engaging play experience they deserve.

The playground is an important area of the school where many key lessons and skills are developed. Over the years, the accumulative hours that a child spends in the school playground equates to a significant period. Its therefore important that your play provision provides the best experience for pupils.

Here are some tips to improve your school playground.

Create different play zones

The best playgrounds are those that zone activities into certain areas. Our playground designers consider the various activities in an area and how their use may affect the user of an adjacent play zone. For example, you don’t want a child using a clamber climber to be constantly under the threat of being hit by a football. By positioning activities intelligently, such scenarios are avoided wherever possible.

Zoning is great for taking lessons outdoors. For example, a geography lesson could involve a visit to the nature zone in the playground. A dedicated space will make lessons far more impactful and less liable to distractions.

Zoning also helps staff manage and supervise the playground more efficiently. Certain activities or groups that require a higher level of supervision can receive this. It also enables older ones to be kept away from younger ones if required. Zoning creates a more enjoyable experience for the children too. Those who want to enjoy sensory experiences or quiet areas can do so away from the noise and bustle, for example.

Ensure there is something for everyone

It’s important your playground includes a range of activities that cater for different levels of activity. Some children will want to be very active, such as on a dramatic climbing frame. Others may prefer quiet time or wish to do something creative on an Art Station. There are also outdoor musical instruments, water and sand play, seating areas and a whole lot more! An engaging playground will have something for every child to love, no matter their age, ability or interest.

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Improve your school playground surface

The surface of your playground will have a huge impact on the vibe of the overall space. Old, crumbling surfaces are not going to inspire children to be active and can also cause slips. This is not ideal, especially as an old tarmac surface doesn’t always make for a comfortable landing!

A play surface, however, can improve your school playground instantly. Vibrant colours have a transformational effect and children will be motivated to be more active. There are a wide range of playground surfacing options, such as Artificial Grass, Rubber Wetpour and Rubber Mulch. These can often be overlaid on the existing surface and can be laid around play equipment as a safety surface. Play surfaces are also an effective way of creating visual zones in the playground without any physical barrier.

Add some greenery

Every playground should have an area of natural greenery for the children to enjoy. Some schools are lucky enough to have it in abundance. Others, particularly in busy city areas, find themselves with limited outdoor space. However, it is important every school provides its pupils with the opportunity to engage with nature.

Our nature areas are always designed according to a school’s space and specific requirements. Whatever the limitations, we can create a nature space that will inspire!

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Install Playground Markings

Playground Markings are an affordable solution to encourage positive activity in the playground. They can be added to most tarmac surfaces (providing they are in good condition).

Sports markings for a pitch can provide the perfect incentive, and there are many other games and activities available. Some are more traditional, such as snakes and ladders or alphabet trials. Others are more creative, such as a map of the world, jumping circles and fitness trials.

Improve your school playground with the experts

If you are looking to enhance your play provision, hopefully the above points will be helpful.

However, nothing replaces the advice and experience of our playground advisors! We would highly recommend you get in touch, and we can help develop your ideas into a creative play space that is enjoyable and engaging for all.

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