Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) – The benefits they bring to your school

Multi Use Games Areas are becoming increasingly popular across the UK as schools realise the amazing benefits these versatile resources can bring to their school. We explore them in our latest article.

A MUGA is a ‘Multi Use Games Area’. It is a dedicated sports space used for various sports, games and activities. Typically enclosed with fencing, they may have a number of line marking configurations to enable the same space to cover multiple sports. We can install with goal ends, flood lighting and a number of surfacing options.

Why MUGAs are important in Schools

Why your School should consider a MUGA

To start with the obvious, they enable your school to offer a much-enhanced PE experience. PE is important in schools as it provides opportunities for children to be creative, cooperative and competitive. It also helps them to face up to diverse challenges, both individually and as a team. A ‘good workout’ helps ease anxiety, tension and stress and will result in improved attention in class. Providing the facilitates that enable these development areas is important, and this is precisely what a MUGA does.

MUGAs also enable children to excel at a range of sports. The numerous pitch markings enable your school to offer football, rugby, tennis, basketball, hockey etc. They are not tied to one game, and therefore let students enjoy multiple activates whilst enabling a wider pool of talent to develop.

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Funding your Multi Use Games Area

Maybe you’re wondering how on earth your school will be able to finance a MUGA pitch? It is true that they are a significant investment, but spreading the cost over the years of service your school will benefit from it is important. There are several PE and Sports Premium funding pots that we would recommend researching online. These could fund all or a large bulk of the overall cost if secured.

MUGAs are effective outside of the school day, such as for after-school clubs and evening or weekend private hire. These activities all help generate extra cash too, which is never a bad thing!

There are other more affordable options that will bring similar benefits to your playground. Let’s face it, especially for younger students, an international standard full-size pitch may be a little over the top at your primary school! But a simple artificial grass sports pitch can be quickly and easily installed – with or without fencing – such as the example below fitted at High View Primary School. These really are cost effective and easily adapted to the amount of space you have available.

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Funding your Multi Use Games Area

At Playcubed, we have been installing Multi Use Games Areas in schools for over 40 years. If your school is considering investing in a MUGA, we’d love to sit down and talk thorough the options. Our concept to completion approach sees us take MUGAs from the initial design stage right through to the completed space – ready for the first kick-off!

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