Yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year in schools. It is also a very busy one. If you have any projects or ideas you need to tick off your list this year, we can help. You’ll find the team at Playcubed is even more efficient than any army of Santa’s little helpers.

Checking your list

With the countdown to the Christmas break underway, this is always a hectic time of year for schools. It is also the time of year that leadership teams and staff take stock of what remains on the ‘to do’ list. If one of those ideas is refurbishing your schools playground space, Playcubed can help. We can make changes that are easy to manage and which will add lasting appeal for years to come.

Joy to the world

At Playcubed we have our own in-house design studio and experienced designers. They understand how to translate your vision into outdoor play areas. These will support learning and engagement for children of all abilities.
Our 3D visuals will bring your schools playground ideas to life. Perhaps just as importantly, we ensure to install your bespoke creation with minimal disruption – even during lockdown conditions. You can read our testimonial here which explains this in detail.

Banish a Bleak Midwinter

We can transform your outdoor space. Whether through play features that motivate creative play, through a Multi-Use Games Area or, as with this example, it can benefit from both.
We know how demanding 2020 has been and we all look forward to a less stressful 2021. Although no one is yet able to determine when we will all return to ‘normal’, at Playcubed, we can guarantee an inspirational playground that will bring joy throughout the year ahead.
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