Last month, the UK had its wettest day on record, with enough rainfall to have filled Loch Ness. We all appreciate that ‘wet play’ is a challenge for any school. So what can we do to help children keep benefitting from outdoor play?


Outdoor fun come rain or shine

It is harder for staff and frustrating for children when bad weather KEEPS them indoors during breaktimes. And with COVID restrictions still in place, spending time in the fresh air remains a safer option.

Yet rain makes managing time outdoors a trickier proposition, so how can we upgrade playgrounds and shelters to make them that much more ‘whatever-the-weather’ friendly?

Overhead and underfoot

At Playcubed, we think a lot about how to make outdoor play areas accessible and engaging. This is why weather is another challenge we consider in our designs.

Our canopies are a particular hit as it is an instant way to create lots of space for shelter and play in playgrounds. Attractive and durable, why not add rainbow colours to your playgrounds shelters overhead too. And when it comes to the type of surfaces that promote safety as well as enhance how an outdoor space looks, wet pour is a clear winner.

It’s porous, so great as an all-weather surface, plus it’s a safety surface able to absorb the shock and impact of a fall. School wet play become a little easier to handle!

But mostly what children love is how it brightens a space, even on the cloudiest of days.

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