School Playground Improvements – Your options this year

 As we head into a new year, here are some school playground improvements your school could consider.

As we head into 2023, many schools will be considering school playground improvements. Play is a hugely important aspect of a child’s development, and the benefits it brings to children are huge.
However, we understand that budgets can be tight and are often required to stretch a long way. With this in mind, we have compiled a short list of ways you can enhance your outdoor playground and learning areas to ensure your pupils enjoy the benefits of being outside.

Add a Nature or Sensory Garden to your Playground

Adding Nature or Sensory Gardens to your outdoor space is often a cost-effective means to improving your outdoor provision. These areas needn’t be large to be effective and are often a valuable resource for outdoor lessons as well as for use during playtime. This makes them excellent value for money. They can often be tucked away into an unused area, utilising otherwise dead space, and separated by a fence boarder if required.

Our Playground Designers can create concepts as walkways that progress stage by stage, giving children a fully rounded experience. If your school is looking for a budget option, then this could well be one to consider – you can find out more here.

As an example, this case study shows a beautiful nature area recently installed in a public park in Kent.

Extend the classroom with a Canopy

Our range of canopies are a superb and cost-effective way of extending the learning environment of the classroom, with the outdoor aspect making it that bit more engaging for the children. They provide shelter from the sun, rain and wind, making them the perfect solution for year-round outdoor learning. They can also have infill panels as required to make the canopy enclosed or open plan into the playground. Additionally, our coloured Perspex roofing option creates an array of colour in the sunshine.

Choose an all-weather play surface

School playgrounds often feature an area of ‘natural grass’ that, after years of heavy footfall from energetic children, is a dustbowl in the summer and an unusable mud pit in the winter. Why not consider Artificial Grass in such areas? This can often be coupled with some new play equipment, but even on its own still provides an engaging area for children and allows for more dramatic, risk positive activity than children would be inclined on a tarmac playground.

Invest in a bespoke Playground Renovation

A full playground renovation adds exponential value to your school. Bespoke playgrounds bring a huge variety of learning opportunities, give your pupils the enjoyable school experience they deserve and makes your school stand head and shoulders above others in the area. Whilst a larger investment, the reward is considerable. Plumcoft School, in South East London, is a great example of a school we have partnered with to create outstanding play facilities for which they have become well known.

Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs) for your School

A Multi-Use Games Area is a fantastic option for schools. They are the ultimate sports provision – perfect for physical education, as well as for after school clubs, inter-school competitions and fund-raising events. We have explored in more detail the benefit of Multi-Use Games Areas here.

That said, a full Multi-Use Games Area, including fencing and surfacing, is a significant investment and will call for a higher end budget. However, there are more cost-effective solutions that your school may wish to consider, such as this sports pitch which offers similar benefits.

Get recommendations early from your School Playground Advisors

Whatever your vision, we highly recommend discussing your options with one of our playground experts. We will be able to make creative, feasible suggestions based on your budget and space available, and work these into 3D models so you can fully visualise your play area and tweak as required to ensure it represents real value for your school.

We hope this information is useful as you consider your playground plans for 2023. We would love to hear from you on 01322 279799 or online here.