Outdoor activities and outdoor sports do not have to be entirely at the mercy of the weather. With 21st century materials it is possible to offer up more than a grassy sea of mud or water-logged concrete to all budding Raheem Sterlings and Megan Ripinoes.

More than surface changes

Organised sports and other activities are such an important part of our lives. Whether at schools or sports clubs, taking part in them is healthy and rewarding. Happily, making sure that is possible to use them all year round, is not has hard as it used to be.

Multi-use Games Areas (MUGAs) are purpose-built ball play area surfaces designed to be essentially ‘weather-proof’. In addition, they offer reliable, dependable and safe playing surfaces in all but the most extreme conditions.

As well as offering safe foot support when compared to natural surfaces like grass, they are also designed to offer true and reliable bounce, meaning the quality of play in enhanced.

Let the games begin

At Playcubed, we are able to offer a full range of play area surfaces to match our customers demands. From basic over-lays for ‘tired’ playing areas to a range of MUGAs and ballcourt surfaces. All specifically tailored to the sports and activities that you’ll use them for.

You tell us what that is. We do the rest.

We offer a range of weatherproof play surfaces, durable pitch, court and other games markings. As well as fencing and other enclosure options, even integrated metal goal posts and hoops. All this means whatever time of year, your MUGA solutions make sure it is always game on.

And we can even plan and construct parking and access routes if or when your stars start to draw a crowd. Find out which of our MUGA solutions could be right for you and let the games begin.


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