The benefits of play-promoting public parks

Parks that provide a safe place for children to play and parents to bring their little ones provide a variety of benefits to both the people that use them and the surrounding area.

For your community to reap the benefits of parks and recreation areas fully, your premises must have attractive designs and accessible amenities and play areas for everyone. We list some of the key benefits of public parks below.

Irresistible to surrounding residents

Providing space to connect

Public parks give people a space to meet and connect in person, and room for kids and adults to enjoy activities together. Picnic areas provide space for a family to get together or even a kid’s party or reunion. Open green grass areas or multi-use game areas provide the opportunity for a thrilling group ball game and activity parks, or sensory gardens allow room for children to move and play exerting all their extra energy.

Getting outside and physical 

Non-active lifestyles lead to obesity and several other health problems. Being outside and playing in nature is crucial for the healthy development of children. Learning to play in nature improves hand-eye coordination and a child’s ability to learn. Children who spend a significant amount of time in nature also experience better emotional stability and mental health.

Public Parks make getting outside and active more enjoyable from walking trails to taking part in sports and outdoor active classes. Public parks should be designed to get people of all ages active and outdoors, especially for low-income households which don’t have their own outdoor space or can’t afford a gym membership or classes.

Including everyone

A park with inclusive play incorporated allows children of all abilities to play together and enjoy the fun. Children who engage with others of differing abilities find themselves with increased positive feelings for others and a more positive attitude toward all people with disabilities. An SEN children benefit immensely from the stimulation, an inclusive playground will help children engage, explore, discover and react. Things that not every environment can provide. They make playtime a constructive part of their learning.

Boosting mental health

The mental health benefits of parks go beyond the obvious. Direct exposure to nature reduces stress and increases happiness and these effects happen almost immediately. A study by Finnish researchers found that even ten minutes in a park or urban woodland area could reduce stress.

Environmental perks

The benefits that parks offer to the environment are equally as important. Public parks that have planting and trees help to sustain nature and conserve wildlife, even in the most populated, urban areas. Trees remove a wide variety of pollutants from the air making it cleaner for people to breathe. Animals are not the only ones who benefit from wildlife conservation parks either, with more wildlife in parks, residents are encouraged to these areas to spot the animals and watch the birds, giving children an opportunity to experience and visualise real nature up-close.

Free for families

With the cost of living on the rise spaces that are free for family days out are the perfect place. Especially those with innovative playgrounds that give parents a break from usual routines. A recreational area can offer a trip on a budget for a family of any size.

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