Finding distraction in play is such a vital part of our children’s lives at this difficult time. In addition they need the release and the escapism that lets them find a freedom from the everyday.

Nothing is more powerful than their own imagination. However the challenge is, how can we set it free?

Setting the stage 

Children have always responded to props to help them play. From dressing-up boxes to cardboard clothes. All in all giving them something to invent ‘with’ is the key to encourage their own invention.

Of course, outdoor spaces are no different. The answer is to design and populate spaces that invite children to bring the resources alive for themselves. Imaginative play is the very opposite of passive enjoyment. It demands their input, their instigation and their control.

As well as obvious benefits to physical health, imaginative play helps develop memory. Conceptual reasoning and manipulation, mutual co-operation, linguistic sophistication and consistency are all sparked. Whats more, all this from pretending to be a wizard or a pirate!

Get set

At Playcubed we understand that setting the stage matters. With this in mind, it is not about how much equipment we install but also how much we encourage children to use it for themselves.

From pirate schooners to forts and giant ladybirds, providing children with the right kind of backdrop for their imaginations to soar is a challenge and a joy. For as Albert Einstein said: “Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

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