When you think of playground equipment, you probably right now are thinking of a wooden structure, maybe it’s colored red and blue, maybe it’s got a green slide and some swings. What you don’t realize, is that this piece of equipment is so much more to a child, and even more than they realize too.

This is because play equipment is scientifically proven to boost a child, mentally, physically, socially and creatively.

How can play equipment help a child physically?

Well, it’s obvious that in the world today there is an extreme rise in obesity in children (the World Health Organization states that 43 million children globally are obese).  We know there is a direct correlation to screen time, e.g., under 8-year old’s on average spend over two and a half hours screen time a day. This time spent at a playground would enhance their core strength, decreasing the chance of stress and lowering blood pressure, and boost children’s health.

How can play equipment affect a child mentally and socially?

A playground gives the child an opportunity to enhance its problem-solving skills. Trying out new things such as climbing to a height they are afraid of or working out how to get to the next bar, encouraging children to be independent and work things out for themselves. It also means the play isn’t set on by a parent or teacher.

Playground equipment is scientifically proven, too, to boost children’s self-esteem, which helps them socially, and teaches them to it also helps manage their disappointment and frustration.

How can play equipment help a child with creativity? 

Although you might just see a playground, a child’s imagination does not. This is because every child is different and what is a structure of materials could be a boat, a house or even a plane! It’s so much more beneficial to a child’s brain to have to work out a story than to watch a video telling the story for the child.

Therefore, a piece of play equipment is a chance for a child to move, develop and become more creative.  Why don’t you look at the range of play equipment on our website or get in contact with us for a quote?


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