Accessible Play Area at Woodlands School

This accessible play area was designed and installed by Playcubed at Woodlands School in Leatherhead. The school caters for students with special educational needs. They were looking for a company they could work closely with ensuring the resulting play space gave real value to the pupils.

Through an extensive design process, we were able to arrive at this impressive result. The area features many sensory play elements and surfacing variations to provide a selection of textures. The sunshine panels splash colour across the area to aid visual development, and the playground telephones provide for vocal and listening skills.

The area was funded by generous student parents, who joined us for a very pleasant opening day where the play area was opened by two well-known TV characters.

Creating SEN playgrounds across London & South East

Playcubed have enjoyed working with many schools catering for students with special educational needs. The requirements are often unique and we fully understand the bespoke approach needed to create a play space that gives all the school’s students can benefit from. We firmly believe an accessible play area should be fully usable by every student. You can browse some of our SEN playgrounds here.

If you are looking to enhance your school’s playground provisions, please do reach out. We are able to support and advise from the concept stages, and work closely with your school to achieve some amazing results.