Why is sensory play important? Because no two schools are the same but every child can benefit from play.

Understanding what is different about your space, pupils and your vision is what sets apart our approach.

Over thirty years, we have learned how to make any outdoor space a vital resource for schools, staff and pupils.

All to play for

We believe that inclusive play should be available to all children, regardless of ability. So outdoor spaces should be where pupils can develop as well as have fun.

Whether Autistic Spectrum Disorders, learning difficulties, memory impairment or physical disabilities, our dedicated sensory playground design team understand what is required to support children outdoors.

We know that sensory play is an essential component for pupils with SEN. In fact it helps children better understand the messages their senses provide.

Schools see how we bring all elements needed to create a safe and stimulating environment together in our 3D visuals. Our CAD technology shows you how your inclusive sensory play area will appear on completion.

Working with you, our detailed knowledge and design flair ensure that you transform your space for the benefit of all. After all, play is something that all children need and definitely enjoy.

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