What are the surprising benefits of a playground renovation?

A playground renovation creates a fantastic space for children to enjoy, but what other benefits can it bring to your school?

When a school renovates their playgrounds, it is usually because the current space is unfit for purpose and they are looking to provide better for their pupils. However, whilst this point is clearly forefront, there are several other unexpected benefits that you can expect from a play area renovation.

Here we take a look at some of them.

Your school becomes more attractive

A school with a drab, grey playground will struggle to sell itself to parents or indeed children. If the playground looks wanting, parents could be concerned that this represents the school as a whole. If the facilities are like this, what are other areas like?

On the flip side, a vibrant, colourful, and engaging playground transforms the perception. Parents will see a school they want their children to be part of, and what’s more, the child will want to go to. Happy parent, happy children!

Playground renovations lead to improved behaviour

Sending the children out to play in a dull, uninspiring playground is likely to lead to bad behaviour, as children become board and fractious. This often leads to mischief, an increased risk of accidents and potentially bullying. In situations like this, children often return to class even more pent up then before rather than feeling rejuvenated.

A playground renovation is the perfect time to think about what will keep the children occupied and active, lowering the risk of misbehaviour at playtime and when back in lesson.

Improve memory and thinking skills

Studies prove that a person’s memory and thinking skills are improved when they take part in regular physical activity. With the trend of children being less active outside of school, installing active play equipment in the playground ensures these vital skills can be enhanced.

In this way, time spent getting physical in the playground can result in better attention and attainment in the classroom – a win, win situation!

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Play area renovations help tackle mental health

Mental health is a major issue affecting the whole population, and it is not just adults who can suffer. The age at which people are being diagnosed is getting younger, and it is something that is impacting young children. One way a school playground makeover can help tackle this is to focus any upgrade on providing increased opportunities for physical activity. Regular, moderate physical activity has been shown to have a beneficial impact on children with disorders, such as anxiety and depression, while helping to prevent others from developing mental health problems.

At the same time, by including a quiet, nature zone in your playground design, a school can create a calm outdoor space for those children that need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the classroom and busy playground.

A great play facility can be an income stream

Depending on the type of facilities, if is possible that these can be turned into an additional income stream. Outdoor sports areas, such as Multi Use Games Areas, may be able to be hired out or used to facilitate after school clubs. You can read more about this here.

Alternatively, local childcare groups may want to use the playground during holidays or parents may even want to hire it for weekend or birthday parties.

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