Sometimes, it is the smaller additions that can make the biggest difference to how children play and learn.

Here we set out three playground installations that we have found provide children with hours of fun. In addition they help them to enhance their problem-solving, creativity and communication skills.


Smart play can be easy as 1,2,3

Children may think that time outside the classroom is time away from learning. Although the reality is that playgrounds are just another arena for the development of critical skills.

Here are three simple pieces of play equipment that our team at Playcubed find consistently engage children. They may just work for your playground as well!


Problem-solving panels

Children love challenges. Particularly if a play panel involves moving parts, such as a Ball Maze or Tumble Ball. As well as developing motor skills and numeracy, these are the kind of puzzles where children learn. One of the important lessons is how to move an object through to an end point. In turn this helps them to plan and predict outcomes.


Creative can-do

Art stations are a big hit. We find that children can draw, either as part of a game with classmates, or in solo play. Whether they sketch a treasure map, a space station or magic potion recipes. Whatever their creation, this is a great prop that boosts the imagination of all involved.


Communication station

It is the simplest of playground installations but creates the greatest number of applications. Whether playing with sand, blocks, mud or mini vehicles, the height adjustable multi tray play tables bring children together. In turn encouraging interaction and social development.

These are just some of our favourites. But whichever items you choose, you can be sure that all Playcubed equipment is safe. It’s also hardy and will delight children for years to come.

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