What are the Benefits of School Playground Amphitheaters?

Amphitheaters are hugely popular in schools, so here we investigate some of the varied benefits that they bring to your school.

School playground amphitheatres are tied seating arrangements that are constructed on your school premises. Reminiscent of ancient amphitheatres, they are often curved and provide a unique seating solution which can be utilised for many different purposes. They are often made to measure, which ensures they fit the specific dimensions and contours of your designated area.

Large or small, amphitheatres offer a range of benefits that will really impact your playground. Here we look at some of them.

Provision for outdoor lessons

Amphitheaters provide the perfect location to host outdoor lessons. The curved and tied seating areas ensure the children can centre their focus on the teacher and that all have clear lines of vision.

The shape of the amphitheater also encourages interaction and open discussion between children, perfect for reflecting on what was read after a story session, for example. The National Curriculum places great importance on spoken language development, and playground amphitheaters provide a fantastic platform for this.

Encouraging Role Play activity

The benefits of Role Play are wide and varied, so what better way to encourage it than with a theatre performance! Amphitheatres make perfect seating areas for children – even whole classes depending on the size – where children can captivate their peer’s attention as they perform ‘centre stage’. Role Play stages can also be introduced to encourage this even further.

Perfect for School Council Meetings

School councils are important, not least for introducing responsibility and ownership to children. Playground amphitheatres provide a secluded area for these to take place and give such meetings a sense of occasion. The nature of the seating enables children and adults to sit as equals and discuss topics that are important to the school.

Evening & Weekend MUGA Hire Host School Fairs and Events

It’s not only during the school day the amphitheatres prove their advantages. The seating capacity can also be used for parent gatherings, school fairs and even sports days.

Shelter, such as a Shade Sail, can also be incorporated over an amphitheatre to provide protection from the elements.

Make great use of Sloped or Unused Areas

Tied seating can often be created within grass banks, which are areas that otherwise may be of limited value. Obviously, this approach is subject to the physical conditions of your playground, but it is yet another benefit of school playground amphitheatres.

The varied advantages listed above mean amphitheatres can be of great asset to your school even if they are not within the main playground. They can often be used to repurpose an unused space. Wherever they are located, they are still perfect for outdoor lessons, gatherings, and meetings.

Interested in a School Playground Amphitheatre?

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