A School MUGA for Trinity Academy

A school MUGA is the perfect provision for sports, and Playcubed were thrilled to work with Trinity Academy in Brixton, London, to create this fantastic space. MUGA is an abbreviation for ‘Multi Use Games Area’, which is the name for these dedicated sports areas. In this example, our MegaSport artificial grass was used – a great surface with a tightly knit yarn developed specifically for sports. There are several surfacing options available for your MUGA, and you can find more information on these here.

Coloured linage was installed for football, tennis and netball, meaning the MUGA can be used for multiple sports and after school clubs. This is one of the great benefits of these areas, and we have a dedicated article on it here. The rebound fencing is specifically designed for the purpose, providing true ball rebound and minimising noise due to anti-rattle features. If required, these fences can be fitted with extensions to provide a higher barrier, or even covered over completely with netting to create an enclosed space.

Speak to the Multi Use Games Area experts

If you are considering a MUGA, please get in touch with our team of experts. There are lot of factors to consider, from build-up and drainage through to fencing and surfacing, and potentially planning permission considerations to bear in mind too. We would be very happy to talk you through the options and how to make the most of your available budget. You can get in touch via our contact page here.