Guarantee periods of specific Playcubed products:

15 Year Guarantee

  • Play apparatus machine round timber components,
  • Galvanised and powder coated steel products,
  • Stainless steel components,
  • Concrete products.

9 Year Guarantee

  • Hardwood timber components,
  • Groundworks, foundations and sub-base structures,
  • HDPE panels and components.

6 Year Guarantee

  • Artificial grass – SuperBlade, EliteTurf and MegaSport,
  • Artificial grass underlay and UltraMat shock absorbing layer,
  • Canvas fabric components,
  • Softwood pressure treated timber components above ground,
  • Polycarbonate roof, timber framed canopies, guttering and posts,
  • Rope components,
  • Resin bound stone surfacing.

5 Year Guarantee

  • Resin bound rubber wet-pour.

3 Year Guarantee

  • Fixings, fasteners and ironmongery,
  • Softwood pressure treated timber components below or in contact with ground,
  • Resin bound rubber mulch.

Regular maintenance must be upheld and recorded in accordance with ‘Playcubed inspection and maintenance guidelines’. Playcubed guarantees do not include defects caused by misuse, vandalism or damage and exclude fair wear and tear. All Playcubed products not listed above are guaranteed for one year.

During the guarantee period, Playcubed will supply materials and components free of charge, to replace failed materials and components only. Workmanship and replacement installation will be free of charge up to one year after completion. The guarantee period is valid from completion date of installation. Exchange of a component or product does not extend the guarantee period. Playcubed Ltd terms of business apply, available either at the back of this proposal or on request.