A recent survey has revealed that children in the UK have gained an average of 6lbs (2.75kg) since the beginning of lockdown. Most parents are blaming the closure of schools as the main reason.

A lockdown in the winter months will not have helped encourage our children to get outside and play.

When schools re-open for all pupils, they face a challenge to get kids moving again. This week we look at how outdoor play design can make a difference. Read more in our blog below…

Let’s get moving

AA month into lockdown, it won’t surprise schools that parents struggled to keep children physically active and engaged with learning.

The NHS advises that children aged over five should have ‘at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day across the week’. We expect schools to provide an environment that encourages pupils to get moving as well as keep learning.

Playcubed has worked with hundreds of schools over the years. So what outdoor play systems have we found help children stay active for longer?

Climbing the walls

Climbing Walls are popular with schools as they take up little ground space.

Securing colourful grips to existing walls transforms a dull, unused area into an eye-catching space putting climbing skills to the test.

Children improve their upper body strength and coordination, while the colours of the grips create different grades of difficulty.

Clamber aboard

Using timber and rope, the Clamber Climbers come in a range of designs. All challenge children’s balance and coordination as they navigate their way around the play structures.

They also act as a stage for imaginative outdoor play. This brings children together and helps develop communication and social skills.

Stay trim

Trim Trails are hugely popular as they are a great way of providing children with varied physical challenges.

Different sections, such as rope bridges, log stacks and wobble boards, can join together to create a trail. This helps pupils improve their co-ordination, strength, core stability and balance.

Whatever space is available, we’re always happy to advise how schools can make the most of their external areas, so that improving fitness becomes child’s play.

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