Playgrounds in Winter – How to make use of the school playground during Winter

Outdoor learning is just as important in the colder months as it is in the Summer. Here we explore some ways your school can make use of the playground all year round.

All learning is important, whether it takes place indoors or outdoors. But outdoor learning brings several unique benefits to children and enables the development of many essential skills. From improving a child’s focus through to enhancing their creativity, you can read more about the benefits of outdoor learning here.

Of course, taking lessons outdoors is all very well during the summer when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. But during winter, the cold and the rain bring some obvious challenges. But this doesn’t mean we avoid the outdoors altogether. Here we look at some ways schools can make use of playgrounds in winter.

Using the school playground during winter

Choosing the right playground surfacing

Surfaces such as Artificial Grass or Wetpour are fantastic for year-round use, avoiding muddy uniforms and shoes in the corridor! Where artificial grass is installed around play equipment, it enables children to head out and play without getting covered in mud. Perfect for a 5-minute run-around!

Keep the children active

One major benefit of the outdoors is the physical exercise it brings. When indoors all day, children are not going to get the opportunity to burn energy as they would in the playground. So even when it’s cold out, a climbing unit or a clamber climber is a great way children can spend a few minutes outside to be active, break a sweat and get the physical activity they need to perform better in the classroom.

Outdoor Classrooms & Shelters

Outdoor Classrooms and Shelters provide protection from the elements and are a great way to facilitate outdoor learning all year round. Able to seat up to 30 children, Outdoor Classrooms come in various standard sizes and styles, but can be created exactly to your school’s requirements as a bespoke structure. From simple gazebos to fully enclosed structures, there are a huge range of possibilities. In addition to the classroom, Playcubed can install seating options for staff and both chalk and dry wipe boards. These outdoor structures are widely used by children at playtime, as well as for scheduled lessons.

Seasonal learning

The Winter and Autumn seasons allow for unique learning opportunities. Let the children discuss the changes they can see, go on an Autumn nature walk with orange leaves falling from the trees, build snowmen. The opportunities are endless, as long as you wrap up warm!

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